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Motherhood Monday | I love you so much…

September 2, 2018

Houston heart wall in the Heights

The hubs has been out of town on a bucket list trip for the past 8 days so I flew in reinforcements a la Ohio family! My dad was here to hang with us during the week and my two younger cousins flew in for Labor Day weekend. I wanted to maximize QT with my family and tried to work as little as possible while they were here which means this coming 4 day week is going to be action packed!

Having family here was such a great excuse to skip out on all of the things that weren’t mission critical to work, social life, etc. and just focus on my favorite people. Which got me thinking that it might not be so bad to approach more decisions with this “is this really worth my time?” approach. I think a lot of us (myself included) have a hard time saying no. I’m so bad about saying yes, whether it be to please others, for fear of letting people down, or sheer concern about how I’ll be perceived if I decline. I also tend to make quick, spontaneous decisions in the moment, without thinking a decision through completely. Then when it comes time to fulfill an obligation I’m stressed and resentful. Please don’t judge, and please tell me you’ve been here before…

I want to be better this school year at saying yes less often and getting a little more selfish with my time and more protective of family time. I’m already seeing the girls start to slip away slightly. Ok, this may be a bit dramatic, but the other day I was certain they would be pumped when I took a work break to play a game with them. The neighbor kids were here and when I suggested we play Sorry the girls politely said, “No thanks, mommy.” I realize that I’ve still got their attention for the majority of the time and they are very eager to do activities together. But this time is going to fly, so I’m going to really hone in on keeping it sacred and my #1 priority. My grandmother is always so shocked by how busy our lives are and how much we juggle compared to how things were when she was a young mom. So I’m going to take one less ball out of the air whenever I can. What about you? Do you feel your time is pulled in too many directions that it’s hard to find balance? How do you adapt to find a good life balance?

Houston heart wall in the Heights

Houston heart wall in the Heights

Houston heart wall in the Heights

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