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New Year, New Closet | Calm Living

February 2, 2018

One of my new year’s resolutions hits close to home at L. Avenue–keeping an organized closet! Ashley, the founder of Calm Living, and I met up for coffee talk about some of my organization challenges, let’s just say I’m pretty challenged in the “staying organized” department across all aspects of my life. After seeing my closet in person she had lots of great ideas and a detailed plan for how to implement changes to the overall setup in my closet in order to see clothing better and keep things tidy and in their proper place. I love that Ashley also takes it a step further with a detailed game plan for how to stay on track going forward. That’s truly the biggest challenge. Anybody can come in and make your closet look tidy. It’s ditching bad habits (aka clothes pile-ups on chairs, dressers etc) and effectively managing ongoing closet organization. Ashley is passionate about her work because she truly believes that an organized life is a happy life. I couldn’t agree more!






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