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Hurricane Harvey | A city comes together + ways you can give back

September 2, 2017


It’s been pretty overwhelming seeing my city face this disaster that is Hurricane Harvey. Homes are still under water as I write this, but I know in my gut this city will rise up and come out of this even better than pre-Harvey days. I’ve never been prouder to be a Houstonian. Our community has come together to help one another during the aftermath of Harvey in such a big way. My inbox is flooded with group emails and texts-requests for help and then responses just minutes later–“on it, will be there with x or y.”  Neighbors helping neighbors, people getting emails about families they’ve never met before and pooling resources to find a place for them to stay, clothes, toys and shoes for their kids.

Restaurants and food bloggers doing what they do best, cooking for first responders and families who have been displaced. Fashion bloggers doing what they do best, finding clothing, shoes and provisions for the 1,000’s in shelters. I was heartbroken to see a friend at church and learn that her family lost everything. But in spite of her sadness they continued to volunteer to help others going through the same experience as they are.

Police officers and newscasters who have also lost homes have been out there working 20 hours a day to help the relief efforts. And last but certainly not least, the Texan dudes and their bass boats! The only way we could help our friends get their clothes cherished photos, a wedding dress, and keepsake items yesterday was by boat, the water still flooded waist deep. And you wouldn’t believe how many guys, the majority who didn’t even live in a flooded area, were out on boats just trying to help people get back to their homes to asses the damage and grab what they could. It was pretty amazing to see. It’s courageous, it’s emotional and it’s beautiful to see the human spirit rise to such a surmountable challenge that faces our great city.

Houston will need so much more help over the years ahead. My ask from y’all today is to donate to help our city rebuild. If you feel compelled to help, here are 4 places I’ll donate to because I believe in their mission to serve our community.

Houston Flood Relief Fund This fund started by Houston Texan J.J. Watt. If theres one Texan who’s got our backs, it’s this guy.

American Red Cross The Red Cross has turned out in a big way for our city and is a well oiled machine during times of great need. Please continue to support their effort to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Houston Food Bank The Houston Food Bank provides hot meals to the thousands of people displaced and in shelters.

The Diaper Foundation Diapers have been one of the most requested items for the 1,000’s in shelters right now.

As far as what to expect from L. Avenue in the coming weeks, we plan to bring back some normally scheduled blog content starting next week but want y’all to know that we’ll be donating 100% of business profits to Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts from not through the end of the year. We’ll also continue to post about ways you can help out!  Thank y’all so much for the outpouring of support you’ve already shown. 




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