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February 9, 2017


I’ve gone back and forth and back again on whether or not I could swing this month’s NYFW. I love Fashion Week and have been on a roll going in February and September for the past few years now. A lot of bloggers talk about being so over it. The chaos, the effort, the competition to get invites and be photographed for “free PR” for our businesses. And in February, we pretty much freeze in the name of fashion.

I think I’ll always be giddy over NYFW, but it is a lot of work. I’m sure most of you are shaking your heads at this last statement. Like, how is dressing up and going to shows work?! You’re right, this isn’t a new investment banking gig or a job on the Hill that a lot of my friends are currently clocking in major hours for. Coming from a career in politics and fundraising, I can tell you honestly that I work just as many hours at Fashion Week as I did during these jobs. Crazy right?!

The day looks like this, wake up-dress-shoot-shows-write-publish on social media outlets-outfit change-shoot-publish-maybe a quick dinner while publishing on Snapchat and Instagram stories-bed-repeat. It’s fun but exhausting and there is no time for leisure strolls in Central Park. Unless it’s a photo shoot, and then that’s more work, not play.  If you don’t believe me, just ask my photographer, Traci. We went together last year and had only 1 non-work meal over the course of 3 days in NYC.

I digress here, but basically came to the decision that I’m going to take a little vacay from NYFW this time around and head on a real vacay. So I apologize in advance you won’t be seeing Insta posts from the excitement that is NYFW, but I’m sure you follow enough bloggers to get your fix and then some. It’s beach or bust for L. Avenue this week. For the next few days it’s sun-surf-sand-cocktails-repeat.

Here are a few outfit inspirations for NYFW. Stay tuned for more L. Avenue NYFW picks.

No outfit is complete without shoes and accessories.


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