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July 21, 2015

Remember when we would only have 24 photo attempts available for our entire family vacation? Yep, one disposable camera would suffice to capture all of the memories from a week at the beach. Today, there’s essentially no limit to the number of times we access our iPhone camera. And I can’t tell you the anxiety I feel when I upload my phone’s thousands of photos onto my desktop computer every few months. I realize I’m on the excessive end of the spectrum, but most everyone I talk to has at least a little angst over photo organization. So what are are we doing with all of our photos? Will I really go back and look at the time that Charlotte ate her weight in ice cream?! Or that one time when we had pancakes for breakfast at the beach? More importantly, when my kids are 30, where the heck are these photos going to be hanging out? I like knowing that I can head to a special memory box in my grandma’s attic to see photos of my Mom when she was little. Will my kids be collecting back-up drives to view family pics on their devices?! But seriously, will someone more organized than me (pretty much everyone!) please come up with a good photo taking/storage game plan and report back to me?
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I’ve been pondering my camera strategy lately and start with a simple question. Why are we taking SO many more photos nowadays? I guess we snap pics partially for sharing (grandparents, parents, friends who might otherwise never get to see our family can stay connected) and I definitely snap thinking that someday I’ll frame the really good ones. Only to find that as great as the photos look on our smart phones, maybe not so sharp blown up in a frame on the mantle. I’ve been determined to chillax on taking so many iPhone photos and see life’s events through my actual eyes instead of the phone screen. To no avail. Hi, I’m Lyndsey and I’m an iPhone camera addict. I recently found what I hope will break the vicious, iPhone-photo- taking cycle. A small(ish) camera that also fulfills my instant uploading gratification needs. Photos can be downloaded to your smart phone with wifi. I’ve noticed that when I bring it with me I take WAY less photos than I would on my phone, so there’s a start.
Annnyway, I realize this is a fashion blog and I just wasted a lot of air on a subject totally unrelated to the latest style trends. So let’s talk about today’s outfit for a minute, because I’m way less crochety about this particular subject matter. Ha. My friend Morgan (creator of ShopBuru) introduced me to Marcus Lupfer a few months ago. I’m obsessed with his designs, especially his line of sequined cotton pullover sweaters. Since I’m a blogger and photo taking addict, his camera sweater is pretty perfect. This gem is super comfy and I love the mix or black, white and blue sequins. It looks great with white denim, black culottes and any fun black a white printed bottoms. This line is so bright and cheery and most recently I’ve been craving his french fries too. Delish!
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outfit details | top | skirt | lace-up ballet flats | sunglasses | cross body bag (also comes in rose, baby blue, green, magenta, lilac, orange, navy and white) |

photos by Traci Ling

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