Join us on The Avenue!

May 16, 2019

In case you missed it, L. Avenue now lives on my new online boutique, The Avenue. There you will find the same fashion and lifestyle content you have become accustomed to along with a really special shopping experience I’m so excited to share with you.

If you’ve been a loyal blog follower for awhile now, thank you for coming along for this ride!

L. Avenue was my my labor of love for so long, and I’m so grateful for where it has led me and what it has provided me: an amazing community, fueling my creative passions and building an incredible team along the way.

I am by no means bidding adieu to the blog with this new business venture. In fact, some might say L. Avenue is living her best life in this new online boutique setting.

You can read more about The Avenue in my introductory post here, and see more on my Instagram as well as the new shoppable about, @shoptheavenue.

So without further ado, come shop and see what I’ve been up to only on The Avenue. Can’t wait to have you!

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