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2018…..the year of less productivity.

January 9, 2018

Four Seasons Lyndsey -21-2

Happy new year guys! I realize we’re already a week into 2018, but my laptop crashed and I’ve been in computer purgatory so far this year. Gosh, that first sentence to my first blog post of 2018 wasn’t as upbeat as I’d intended! I’m genuinely excited for 2018 for a lot of reasons. So I had a minor breakdown in December–the entire family sick with multiple ailments (flu, bronchitis, ear infection, pink eye, and strep to name a few!) I was rundown and sick yet again, work was at an all time level of busy and it was Christmas which is always hustle & bustle. I’ve been burnt out before but this point I just felt even more so, completely fried. I’m sure you’ve all been here at some point too!

I promise this post is only going up from this point on, keep reading, it gets better! Sometimes the low points are actually good. I’d reached my low–crying on and off all day, questioning what I was doing with my life, why I was failing in all capacities, etc (I know, this is a bit dramatic, which I blame total exhaustion for the heightened drama) But then I had a moment of clarity. It was finally time to slow down. My mom has been preaching this to me my entire life and now she’s nudging me from heaven–“Lyndsey, sloooooow down! Take care of yourself!” Last year, adding the third kid to the mix and a full time job (yep, this gig is every bit of 40 hours a week) meant less time for exercise, self maintenance, and just chilling out and watching Netflix without my laptop in my bed. Every single hour of my day was scheduled last year–kids and shooting during the day and then laptop all night long after the kids were down. I know other moms out there feel my pain, when you’ve got a bunch of young children, you really don’t sit down ever. But not only was I not sitting down, I wasn’t making time for meals, exercise or any other self maintenance items. So 2018 is THE year. I read this article, Let’s Bury the Hustle, that my best friend sent me the day of the breakdown (I’m so dramatic!) and it resonated with me for a million reasons. But the one piece that has stuck with me the most is this, ”

“And for God’s sake, relax. Pumping your mind full of anxiety about whether you’re getting enough, doing enough, chasing enough is no way to live. Background stress like that is literally lethal.

Put in a good day’s work, then close the damn laptop. Waste some time on the rest of the human experience.”

So guys I may not have as many 2018 posts as the rest of my blogger pals, I may turn down contracts that are lucrative but too time consuming or just not truly a fit for my brand and I can promise you I won’t have as many good hair days in 2018 (ha!). But I will be exercising, spending more uninterrupted/cell phone free time with my kids and most importantly putting my laptop down and calling it a day earlier to cuddle up and watch Netflix! And hopefully this will drive more health, creative energy and make my overall happiness and success of L. Avenue even better than ever! Now that’s a juxtaposition I can get behind.  Here’s to a less-productive 2018 y’all!

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