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Hurricane Harvey | an update and a game plan

August 29, 2017


Hey guys. I just want to continue to thank y’all for the outpouring messages of support you’ve sent me over the past few days. Hurricane Harvey continues to devastate my city so I’ve been pretty entrenched in keeping up with all of my friends around town, packing, evacuating, moving back home (praise God!) and trying to help wherever I can. This is the first major hurricane I’ve experienced and it’s been a roller coaster of emotions; stress, fear, anxiety, and just overall pain for what so many friends and so many more I don’t know are going through right now. I had to take a break from the news and social media for a little big yesterday because simply to lock it up and stay strong and together for my kids. Luckily, they are young enough to think that this is another more than a mere slumber party with their cousins.

We have a lot of friends in west Houston who have lost everything. My good friend (and L. Avenue contributor) Lauren will be awake tonight praying that she returns to a home that isn’t flooded. And for those even less fortunate, their entire homes have water flooded to the roof. So many rescue situations for my families and their young children in the middle of the night (many by boat) just to get to safety. It’s horrifying. I always talk about how the news overdramatizes things, but what you’re seeing on the news outlets is the real deal. I only say this because I’ve seen photos and videos directly from my friends who are out there getting rescued or helping rescue others right now. It’s been amazing to see how this city has come together to help. My hands are pretty tied right now from a “get out there and volunteer” standpoint because I have to take care of my kids, but I frantically rummaged my house for items to donate to the shelters today. The girls were concerned that I took too many pair of their underwear. Ha! Sorry, had to interject something somewhat lighthearted. This post is heavy y’all! If you do live in Houston, please consider donating any extra blankets, socks and baby formula and diapers–thus far, these items are in dire need.

Right now my city is priority #1, but I do still have a job and multiple outstanding contracts for L. Avenue. To be honest I feel ridiculous posting outfits when I know people who currently have no clothes. All I can think about is how I can help the thousands in need right now. I know you would feel the same for your city and community too. It’s the beauty of the human spirit, right?! Our community is suffering, but I’ve never felt closer to my hometown and I can assure you this sentiment is felt around our great city after seeing such major effort to help one another get through this catastrophe.

So I’m turning my job into something that can help others affected by the devastation from Hurricane Harvey. I’m going to continue posting as scheduled and will donate all profits from my business to flood victims going forward. I also want to use this website as a place to share stories of victims and give you all ways to help. There are lots of displaced families looking for places to stay and raising funds to get back on their feet. Please send me these stories if you know of any and I’ll do my best to share with my readers to raise money and awareness!

Also, if you guys feel compelled to donate, please, please take a moment to do so! Every little bit counts. If you’re in Houston you can message me directly to drop off items for the shelters. I’ll be making trips back and forth and am happy to drop things off for you. If you’re not in the area, please donate to Red Cross here or to J.J. Watt’s Houston fund relief fund here.

Please check back in with L. Avenue for ways to donate and help!




above image via Meg Grant

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