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January 11, 2017

Hey, hey!! How’s the week going? My week has been a week of high and low extremes it seems. On Monday I proudly proclaimed that it was my “best day ever” as a new parent of 3 kids. After two months of my head spinning off, I finally felt like, “I’ve got this!” I got the girls off to school and ballet class, Jack took great naps and was super chill and happy all day, I was productive blog-wise and managed to Insta-cart some groceries and cook a healthy dinner. Boom! And just like that I wake up at 4 am on Tuesday morning to a baby with a fever and two grumpy toddlers (why do they pick these days to be in a bad mood?! ha!) and my world is suddenly back to chaos mode. Yesterday was a brutally hard day for this CEO Mommy. I didn’t eat, shower or even brush my teeth (yuck!) until 7:00 last night. I cried in my pediatrician’s office. My friends ran into me post-doctors appointment and immediately sent an “are you ok text, because I know I looked like a total train wreck.”Just one of those days as a mom that kicks your butt. Isn’t parenting a roller coaster?! Gosh, the highs are so good though. I got the first REAL smile from Jack this morning and my heart may have exploded. Ok, sorry for the Dear Diary moment, just had to get that off my chest. And why can’t there be cool emoji’s in blogging? I need them when I’m getting all chatty over here.

If there’s one trend that’s on fire this year it’s the bell sleeve, and I am loving it. It adds such a flirty and feminine touch to an outfit.  This top is sure to be on repeat because it can easily be paired with denim or a skirt on dressier occasions. Since my dress-up days are few and far in between these days I’m most often rocking my bell sleeves with a pair of skinnies and some metallic statement loafers. However, if I were headed out on the town I would totally pair it with this fun leather number and these rad pumps (on sale, so snag them while you can)!

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photos by Kate Robinson

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