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holiday cards with Minted

December 16, 2016


I’ve grown accustomed to dread the mail these days. There is so much junk mail, bills and ads that go directly to the trash and rarely any mail worth getting excited about. Except in December–Christmas card season!! Bret and I fight over who gets to open the mail because it’s so fun to see all of our favorite peoples’ cute faces on holiday cards. Clearly, the photo card is king and most of the cards we receive have a photo or collage of them. And we have friends and family all over the country who we don’t see often, so it’s so special to get to hang their cards on our wall each year. I like to save our cards and when I break out my Christmas decorations the following year always take a few minutes to sift through the past year’s cards and smile.

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I also love to look on the back of the card to see who created such treasured designs. I’ve seen so many fantastic Minted cards this year. I used Minted’s gold foil design for my cards last year (this card) and love the options this year too. From glitter to metallics to letterpress, you can’t go wrong. There’s still time to order holiday cards from Minted. I actually just ordered custom Minted cards that will arrive by December 20th with free rush shipping!

I’ve always loved the idea of a New Year’s card. So I started brainstorming photo ideas with my insanely creative photographer and we came up with a fun shoot that involved way too much confetti! Let’s just say I’ll be finding confetti around my house well into 2017. The girls had a blast and Bret and baby Jack are probably pretty sure us girls are crazy!

View More Minted cards:

It’s such a bonus that I can create my Minted cards from the comfort of my own home. With a new baby, we’re spending lots of time at home and when I finally had a somewhat calm moment aka a moment when one of the kids isn’t crying or needing something (these moments are rare with 3 under 5 !), I was able to put together our New Year’s cards. Leighton loved helping me pick out the design and of course was beyond excited about choosing a bright pink design and pink striped liners. I liked it because it’s clean and modern and I certainly didn’t mind that pink prevailed as the color of choice. Stay tuned for the final version of our cards. Happy Holidays, ya’ll!


New Year’s photo by Traci Ling

Christmas pajama photos by Kate Robinson

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