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Twas’ the night before NYFW…

February 12, 2015


I had a wild dream last night…

To say that I’m a little amped up for my first ever Fashion Week is an understatement. I’ve been mentally packing for NYFW for weeks now. Analyzing and re-analyzing and for sure over-analyzing what to wear. Will people be in spring clothes or winter? What shoes can I wear to shows that also work  for walking around the city? This week, it’s mo’ outfits, mo’ problems, thanks to Tootsies for outfitting me for the trip. Seriously, pinch me.

Anyway, you know you’re really losing it when you dream about these super serious packing conundrums. Last night, I dreamt that all of the outfits I planned to take with me went missing from the Tootsies store. Nooooooo!!! HA. The dream felt really long but I’ll spare you the rest of the frantic details. I woke up in a panic, kind of like waking from the dream where you walk into work in your underwear. Eeek!

I really do wish I could be one of the cool girls who acts like going to Fashion Week is no big deal. You know, just throw a few things in a suitcase and away I go. “Oh, that designer’s runway show was ok, kind of a snooze fest though.” I would say to a high fashion friend. Yeah right. No way, no how. I’m so pumped tomorrow might as well be Christmas morning the year Santa brought the Barbie Jeep!

Now on to the new business. I’m super excited to collaborate with Tootsies during Fashion Week. Over the next few days, The Shoe Diet and I will be taking over their Instagram at some really great shows and events (BCBG, Tibi, and Nicole Miller to name a few). And the outfits you’ll see me (freezing in) on the streets of NYC are all new arrivals for spring at Tootsies right now. Hello spring wardrobe! Perfectly appropriate attire for bopping around town in the snow…

p.s. Follow my NYFW adventures on Instagram here. I can’t promise not to over post, but it’ll be entertaining, I promise. 🙂

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