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Happiness Project, month 1 exercise better

February 3, 2015

5 ways to boost energy

Go to sleep earlier
Exercise better
Toss, restore, organize
Tackle a nagging task
Act more energetic

// Exercise better //

I mean, exercise is the #1 New Year’s resolution for a reason. It’s because it’s pretty much a guaranteed happiness booster. I’ve never heard someone complain that regular exercise was really dragging him/her down.

We all resolve to exercise more but by February the excuse list is in full effect. “I have too much work to do, I don’t’ have time with all of the kids activities, I don’t want to have to shower twice (guilty!), yada, yada, yada. So this year, I’m kicking my excuse’s a#$.  I think my view of exercise has always been that it’s kind of a production that requires at least 2 hours all in (pack diaper bag for nursery, drive time to the gym, showering, etc.). I’m redefining what exercise means to me and now I’m exercising more efficiently AND more often. I’m far more inclined to squeeze in a workout if it doesn’t feel like a huge time commitment. So if you look up “exercise” in the LZ urban happiness dictionary it reads this, “doing ANYTHING that gets the heart rate up (more than climbing a flight of stairs, ha!) for at least 20 minutes a day.” It might mean letting the littles watch Frozen while I do a 30 minute work-out video (loving this one, about to start this one with the hubs…I’m scared!). Or maybe I feed them their favorite snack so they’ll tolerate the stroller for a 20 minute run, it’s something. And if my hair looks a little greasy, it’s because I squeezed in a quick Define sesh and maybe didn’t have time to wash it afterwards (this helps). All of the above = happier me. That’s a fact.

What are some tricks that you use to make time for exercise? How do you incorporate exercise into your daily routine?


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