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A Love Day Gift Guide for your Little Ones

February 7, 2019

Are y’all big gift givers to your little ones on February 14th? It does seem a little much right after all the merriment in December, so I think small tokens of love are a sweet way to show your affection. I also can’t resist a heart print on kid’s clothes and an extra set of pink PJs never did any harm, right?

  1. Mini Picnic Basket
  2. Truck, Co-Pilots & Launches Crew Sock Set
  3. Large Crayon Set
  4. Spy Glasses
  5. Gingham Heart Apron
  6. Tony’s Chocolonely Bar
  7. Find Me: A Hide and Seek Book
  8. Hopscotch Army Green Heart Pants
  9. Sueded Pom-Pom Pink Purse
  10. Charm Kids Stripe Short PJ Set
  11. Pinball Game
  12. Tortoiseshell + Pink Sunglasses

With a week out until Valentine’s, there’s just enough time to get these cuties for the kids and any of the items from our gift guide for her. Have a great weekend!

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