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April 24, 2018

It’s hard to believe that we’re moving in less than a week. I’ve been asked a lot over the years to share more photos of my home, a lot of y’all have seen photos on Instagram and even more photos and videos since Instagram Stories was born. I love chatting with y’all about interiors on Instagram and wanted to share some of my favorite spots in my current home, along with where to find some of my favorite decor.

I worked with a good friend and amazing design talent, Alison Meyer, over the past five years, so some of what you’ll see was custom or to the trade, but a lot can be found online too! I found so much joy decorating this house and making it a home. I move quickly in so many areas of my life but when it comes to interiors, I take my time. I think it makes a house feel more layered and unique that way, Plus there’s that thing called the budget too! We left our dining room empty for the first two years we lived in our house. We were in the throws of new parenthood anyways, so weren’t hosting dinner parties that involved anything more than Mexican take-out and paper plates in the beginning.

Be sure to tune in this week and we’ll be sharing a room a day. Today, I’m starting with my favorite room in the house, my bedroom! This room has always been the coziest, decorated in soft neutrals and light green/blue accents. My bedroom is my little oasis from the hustle & bustle of life. There’s nothing better than returning home from out of town to the serenity of this room. And when it’s not all calm on the master bedroom front, I’m cuddling with my kiddos in my bed. I love all white bedding, lots of pillows and will splurge on good sheets.

Probably my favorite special touch in this room is the gallery wall. I put this together right after we moved in, before kiddos, and kept telling myself I needed to update it with each new addition to our family. I think I’m going to keep the photos as they are though, it’s kind of a cool ode to my life with Bret before kids. Which was short lived since I got pregnant on our honeymoon! Don’t worry, I’ve got lots of plans for a gallery wall starring the munchkins in our next home.

Lyndsey Zorich Home bedroom


Lyndsey and girls in bed - 11

Terwilliger 6242 IMG 19_1


master bedroom details | mirrors also here | lamps similar here |similar dresser here | similar armchair here and here | side tableduvet and pillows | cashmere baby blanket similar here | similar benches here here and here | baskets here and here

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