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Gifts for THE girl.

December 3, 2014
So, I realize there aren't a lot of guys who read this blog (aside from the hubs and my Dad, ha). But this post happens to be geared toward hubbies and boyfriends out there who are racking their brain trying...
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lashing out.

November 12, 2014
About a month ago I was hanging out on a random Monday afternoon with my best friend and her kids and I couldn't help but notice how pretty she looked. Was it a new haircut? Recent facial maybe? She's one...
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Long weekends=awesome sales!

October 11, 2014
What's on tap for the weekend?! I just realized that it's a holiday weekend, which means lots of sales to be seized. So if you're shopping for some new fall clothes or starting Christmas shopping (yikes!!) don't miss deals from...
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