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Motherhood Monday | le resistance of elf on the shelf

December 17, 2018

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When it comes to the holidays, I’m all about family traditions. I love nothing more than adding new traditions to celebrate with the kids. “The elf” has been a tradition that we’ve somehow not enacted in our home as of yet. GASP! Seriously though, when I tell people we don’t have the elf, the backlash is fierce at times, though in all fairness, it’s mostly from 5-7 year olds. Ha! I’ve heard it all: “How do you NOT have an elf?” or “You really don’t have an elf, how sad for your kids?!”

I have a few friends with older kids who warned me to avoid the elf if at all possible. Their reasoning? The unnecessary added family stress and extra work during the holidays. On the flip side, I’ve heard that the elf is a game changer for influencing kids’ best behavior since he reports back to Santa.

Honestly, I thought the elf sounded fun at first. I’ve heard stories and seen social media posts with the elf doing some exceptional things at people’s houses (I’m talking stair rail roller coasters, people), and perched in some pretty creative spots (hanging from ceiling fans}, too. Seemed like a good time for all and highly entertaining.

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Bret has been out on the elf from the start, and I was originally annoyed that he didn’t want to take part in what seemed like universal fun. But, the realist in me also feared not being able to deliver on the daily elf responsibilities. The daily ritual of moving the elf every single night sounded pretty time-consuming and almost daunting during the already hectic holiday season.

image via A Small Snippet

I’m pretty sure 99% of the people reading this post are proud elf owners elves and are rocking their duties with much ease, but I’m definitely curious to know stats on parents’ overall sentiments towards this new age tradition. Does the elf bring you a similar joy that Santa does? Do your kids really behave exceptionally better when the elf is on patrol? Or (like me potentially) do you secretly think the elf is annoying but cave so your kid isn’t the only one in town that goes without? This could be a good Insta story poll, stay tuned folks!

image via A Small Snippet

Thus far, none of my kids have begged for the elf. Sure, they’ve asked, but they have yet to make a big deal of it. My daughter’s teacher did say that the elf gets a lot of air time among kids at school. This made me feel like she might be awkwardly left out of a convo being the only kid without a story to share. This leads me to ponder: will the elf adversity only make her stronger or am I a heartless parent for not providing this now seemingly staple holiday household tradition? I’m still torn over the debate and wonder if the elf will continue to be front and center for years to come or fizzle like so many other kid fads. Beanie Babies, Trolls, The Elf on the Shelf? Time will tell, I suppose!

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