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10 beauty hacks I learned from THE Bag Snob

October 24, 2018

I recently attended an event that Saks and La Prairie hosted with the one and only Bag Snob, Tina Craig, as the featured guest and wanted to share what I learned. Tina is even more beautiful and hilarious in person, and since she’s only a hop, skip and a jump away from me in the Big D, I’m keeping my fingers crossed we will be friends someday. 😉

The conversation that La Prairie led was super informative, especially for someone like me who spends more time shopping for shoes than beauty products, which probably isn’t going to help me when I’m 80 and have to be in orthopedics because my feet are destroyed and my face is also ruined because I didn’t do enough for it in my 30’s. Yikes!

So here’s the inside scoop from the Bag Snob herself on how to get your skin glowing now and in great condition all the way until you’re in the nursing home!

  1. Keep your skin clean, but don’t overdo it. Don’t over-exfoliate, over-peel or clog your pores with a ton of products that can cause irritation and overdrawing.
  2. Keep hydrated. As much as the Bag Snob loves a cocktail, she is adamant about starting each morning with two glasses of room temperature water. She drinks 8-10 glasses of water a day.
  3. No matter how much wine you drink or how tired you are, ALWAYS wash your face before bed!
  4. If you’re wanting to save money on a product, do so with something you wash off, like cleanser. Tina uses Cetaphil which can be found at any drugstore!
  5. When cleansing, avoid hot water! Always go with the coolest water you can tolerate because hot water will dry out your face.
  6. Eye cream before moisturizer! According to our friends at La Prairie, if you hydrate the eyes first then your moisturizer will stay put and won’t creep up into your dry under eye area, thus causing irritation. {My favorite eye cream–steal and splurge – here & here}
  7. Two products worth taking on a deserted island? SPF and eye cream! {I currently use this SPF and this concealer with SPF!}
  8. Travel dupes: silver eye linereye cream during flight and eye patches before you land to perk up droopy eyes.
  9. Favorite product right now? La Praire’s Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream! {In stock at Bloomingdale’s}
  10. Why is putting your best face forward important? According to Tina, “Being beautiful is being confident and that confidence starts with good skin!”

We hope you discovered an interesting skincare tip or two courtesy of Tina. Here’s to glowing, fresh skin this fall!

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