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why I love my job + most popular white top I’ve worn lately

August 7, 2018


As a fashion blogger, I obviously get a lot of feedback on the clothing that I choose to post about. I have to say, most often it’s super kind and positive, so thank you! Someone once told me, you’ll know when you’ve “made it” because the mean messages will start to roll in. I haven’t really seen any (at least to my face ha!) which means I’m still just a little jelly fish in the big ocean, I guess. I’m cool with that, but will say it truly makes my day when y’all send me d/m’s or leave comments on my posts. I don’t have a big office full of people, so hearing from y’all is essentially my workplace interaction!

I love fashion, always have and always will, but what gets me most excited about this job is that I get to turn my passion into something that’s hopefully useful for you guys! It’s so satisfying being able to help people find clothing they’re excited about and feel good in. Feeling confident in your own skin (and clothes!) can be a huge factor in how your day goes. This may sound cliche but it almost always rings true for me. The days when I have time to shower, put on mascara and lip gloss and an outfit I feel good in, whether it’s a new top or a cute pair of leggings, I’m likely to have a better head on my shoulders for the rest of the day! Now depending on the kiddos that day, this outfit mantra has no guarantees past the witching hour. Am I right?!

Sorry to digress a bit. The point I was originally trying to make when I started this post (in the off chance you haven’t dozed off and are still reading!) was that today’s white top got more love on Insta stories than anything else I’ve posted this summer. My d/m inbox was overflowing with love and it made me feel so good! I am a white top collector (as outlined here!) and this one was a splurge, but it’s definably special. I love the pleating and statement sleeve! It’s flowy so you don’t have to tuck it in, but it’s still crisp so doesn’t look sloppy. The word chic is so played out but it’s really the best word to describe this gem!

I also found some similar statement sleeve versions around the net, check them out here!




outfit details | Petersyn top | Frame skinny jeans | Lewit pumps | Celine bag, similar herehere and here for less

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