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June 11, 2018

summer look

Hey guys! How are y’all? It’s so nice to be home and sitting in my office for the first time in a long time. Well technically it’s the first time ever, since we just recently moved and my desk just arrived!

I’ve been in touch with lots of readers over social media last week through Instagram stories during my European travels. I love when y’all reach out, it makes this job so much more enjoyable hearing from you guys!

On a not so light note, while I was in Capri I learned the shocking and incredibly sad news about Kate Spade’s passing. When I found out I felt totally paralyzed for quite some time. How could this happen?! I’m sure a lot of us had similar thoughts upon hearing that she took her own life.

Why would someone who clearly “has it all” want to do this? It’s hard to wrap your head around it. I’ve thought a lot about how social media has changed the landscape for how close we feel to the people we follow, especially Hollywood, celebs, famous athletes, and brands from across the spectrum, who use social media on the reg in order to connect/appeal to fans/followers. What you see isn’t always what you get though. These accounts are 99% aspirational, leaving very little visibility to real life. Sure you see a snap of a celeb with no makeup with the hashtag #reallife, but that’s far from the complexities that make up real life; death, career pressure, relationship issues, body image struggles, anxiety, the list goes on. I’m so sad for Kate Spade, whatever her circumstance was in her life, emotionally or mentally or both, that would lead her to suicide. Kate Spade and her brand have brought me great happiness over the years. She was the first major brand that I received a contract to work with and I was/still am proud to represent her brand on this website. So today, I’m going to celebrate the beauty and color that she brought into this world and more importantly pray for her family during this difficult time.

white shorts

statement bag

kids clothes

green top

Outfit details | Vince sweater | Rachel Comey shorts, more sizes available here | Kate Spade bag (old), similar here and hereJeffrey Campbell sandals | J. Crew earrings | sunglasses |

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on Jack | Janie and Jack overalls *on sale | Saltwater sandals

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