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HOME TOUR | living room

April 26, 2018

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Next up in my home tour, the living room! How about this photo above? I’m close to going into labor with Jack when we shot our “how to style book shelves post.” Yikes! When we first moved into our house, the living room was the biggest interior design challenge. It’s oversized, so requires two seating areas that cohesively work together. The seating area that is adjacent to the backyard was tricky because it needed to be fluid since people were passing through all of the time. I put in a small seating area, two chairs and a table, that could easily be moved to the side when hosting parties (who doesn’t love an open dance floor?!). And during the holidays it became the perfect little nook for the Christmas tree!

The living room has evolved over the years. It started very neutral, but then over time I began incorporating more bold prints to mix things up a bit, adding a little contemporary twist to a traditional space. Of all of the furniture items in this room, the lucite coffee table wins first prize; First, it’s SO kid friendly, no sharp edges are a plus for toddlers! It’s so easy to clean and is basically indestructible! Let’s just say at least 3 of my five family members have danced on top of it on numerous occasions! I’ve received more compliments on it than any other piece of furniture in my home.

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Furniture | similar coffee table here here and here | similar couch here here and here | throw |  similar wooden side table | similar industrial end tableBunny Williams lamp | Club chairs similar here and here  | Wingback chairs similar here here and here  | Bone inlay side table similar here and hereKelly Wearstler lamp

Built-in shelves occupy an entire wall of my living room. For the first few years of living in our home they were kind of the thorn in my side, I would arrange and rearrange but they never felt finished. Then, during my pregnancy nesting phase I got serious about the shelves. I posted my these 5 must-haves for styling built-ins!

GREENS–My house is where plants come to die. I have a really hard timing keeping plants alive but am going to make a major effort with the new greens in the book cases because they truly add to the space. If you are an unintentional plant killer you could opt for fake. I may end up going that route when it’s all said and done.

PERSONAL TOUCHES–I’m a big picture frame person and love grouping 3-5 photo frames in a single vignette.  Add a faux shagreen tray for a nice layering element. I picked up this Z when Bret and I were first engaged and because of the sentimental value I’ll always find a home for it in our home.

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BOXES–Alison found these antique boxes and mixed in some inexpensive, black + white stripe boxes for a nice traditional meets modern mix, you can find similar ones here.

LIGHTING–How fun are these two mini abacus lamps? They are cozy and cool and evoke an inviting mood to hang out a while, and even better, they are now on sale!

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ART–I chose three pieces for the book cases. Two black and white sketches and a contemporary piece by Mara Held from the McClain gallery in Houston. Both sketches are sentimental to me because one is of our first and only house so far and the other a sketch from an engagement photo. Alison had the genus idea to float the colorful contemporary art piece with this acrylic easel.

These glass shadow boxes are another great accessory. I can’t take credit for the the shadow box styling. Leighton actually put her her first ever ballet shoes inside unbeknownst to me. Then a friend was over and complimented me on the neat idea to put these tiny ballet shoe treasures on display.

There are so many special memories from this home that I plan to recreate and bring to life again in our next home. Interiors have become such a fun hobby of mine and I plan to share more interiors posts with y’all very soon! In the meantime, you can follow the daily madness of my upcoming move on Insta Stories.

Have a great weekend, y’all!


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