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Help #harvey victims in need! Families who need our help!

August 29, 2017


In between already scheduled posts for L. Avenue (in case you missed it, we’re still posting but giving all website profits to flood victims going forward), we’ll be sharing stories of families who lost everything during Hurricane Harvey and need our help to get back on their feet again. These are all friends of my friends and they genuinely need any help possible.

If you know of or own a company that might want to donate something other than money to their hurricane fundraising efforts please send me an email directly and I can help get furniture, cars, bedding, clothing, appliances, all of the household items that would be needed. Thanks so much for your continued support!

Today, we’re raising money for the Lorenzo Marquez family. They lost everything. Lorenzo Marquez Trespalacios, his wife Cecile Diederichs de Marquez and their five small children, including their 3 month old baby were rescued by boat and kayak in a harrowing effort by wonderful folks during Hurricane Harvey on Sunday, August 27th.

Everything is lost-home, cars, clothes, all posessions large and small, heirlooms and necessities. Everything is needed and it is doubtful that insurance will cover their loss due to flood – not direct hurricane wind damage.

“I’m broken”, Lorenzo said. He and Cecile made desperate pleas to be rescued on Facebook and finally a good samaritan came with a boat and a family member with a kayak, to save them and their five children. They are grateful to be alive but need so much help and support to rebuild their lives.

You can donate directly here. Please share with family and friends, if you feel compelled to help spread the word for Hurricane Harvey victims. Every effort counts to help spread the word and will ultimately help this family in desperate need.

Also, if you are a Harvey victim in need or know of a family in need, please email me directly We will try our very best to find resources through this website and social media! 

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