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the only dress you need to pack for summer vacation

June 22, 2017


This is it, y’all! I found this summer’s “all day, everyday” uniform—an easy, breezy Kate Spade midi dress. After choosing this gem over all other dresses in my closet a few days straight (gasp!), it hit me that this would be THE ONE this summer. I’m having a moment with all things embroidered and the bright red Mexican-inspired floral detail is so pretty on a black and white striped dress.

I’m packing it for our upcoming trip to the beach because it’s a great piece for daytime and nighttime with a simple accessories swap; flats for daytime and a wedge for nighttime. This Kate Spade novelty bag is a totally whimsical, unexpected pairing. Every girl needs a pet and since I’ve got three children pets (haha), my pets will have to come by way of handbags. I rocked a snail last summer and while I still love the little guy, he’s being replaced by the latest and greatest, the parrot cage bag.



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L. Avenue’s favorite Kate Spade novelty bags

L. Avenue’s favorite Kate Spade dresses

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