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Game, Set, Match

June 21, 2017

It’s been a very long time since competitive sports have been on my agenda. High school to be exact. Unless you count golf class in college or Congressional co-ed softball in my 20’s. I’ve always talked about taking up tennis and bought a racket a few years ago, but it’s been collecting dust while I’ve been busy being pregnant/nursing my 3 kiddos back to back. A valid excuse to avoid exercise and athletics, right?!

A few months back Bret mentioned asking one of my friends to be his mixed doubles partner for a tennis tournament which was finally the fuel I needed to take up the sport. Since then I’ve been taking lessons and have officially caught the tennis bug. GASP!

I realized I only owned one tennis skirt and a bunch of old tee shirts from college for exercise purposes. You see, I’ve just never been into spending money on things like work out gear, pajamas, socks, etc. and parlay those extra funds into the dress, shoe, handbag budget. Ha! But now that I’m on the court on the reg, it’s time to invest in some new athleisure gear. After all, athlesiure has been on fire in the fashion world, so now I’ve finally got a valid reason to partake in this trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. If only cute clothing correlated to extra points on the court.

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Outfit details | Stella McCartney Adidas tennis skirt and here and here | Stella McCartney Adidas tennis top also here in more sizes  | Stella McCartney Adidas jacket | Nike tennis shoes | Wilson Juice 100UL racket

Outfit details (Group photo, from left to right) |

On Lyndsey (linked above)

On Casey | J. Crew tennis skirt *on sale | J. Crew top | Nike tennis shoes

On Lauren | Stella McCartney Adidas tennis dress | Asics Gel Solution Speed tennis shoes | Wilson Ultra 100 tennis racket

On Traci | Lacoste tennis dress | New Balance sneakers

Rumba x Otis & Eleanor Speaker

photos by Traci Ling


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