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gift guide | for all the little girls + the reason for the season

December 7, 2016

Elf on the Shelf, are y’all in or out? Since my girls are only 4 and 3 we haven’t invited the elf to come and stay at Casa Z just yet. It seems like a lot of work and with a newborn in the house I’m honestly afraid I won’t deliver on the elf’s nightly shenenigans. Traditions are important to me though and I do think kids love the idea of having something to look forward to each day during the holidays. We did chocolate advent calendars last year and every night the girls got to open a new window on the calends. This year, a close family friend who happens to be the wife of the rector at our church gifted us an advent candle holder, so we’re lighting candles at night and reading that day’s corresponding scripture. And I’lll be the first to admit, this hasn’t even happened every day. But on the days we manage to make it happen, the girls are super excited about a new family tradition. One that even us parents can benefit from too.

Now back to more commercial Christmas to do’s. I’ve been behind in the gift department and think this year’s the perfect year to scale it back with a few really awesome gifts that my girls will love. At the top of the list are a doctor set, this colorful ukulele and this craft-struction box. Here’s what little girls are hoping Santa will throw on the sleigh this year.


For ALL THE LITTLE GIRLS | 1. stick unicorn  | 2. nyc block set | 3. ruffle & bow uggs | 4. tutu kit | 5. wooden medical kit | 6. candy land | 7. jewelry making kit | 8. teepee | 9. craft box | 10. sequin skirt | 11. paint sticks | 12. ukulele | 13. anna the elf doll | 14. pinkalicious | 15. baby cradle | 16. polaroid camera | 17. picture mosiac | 19. baby doll | 20. barbie saddle & ride | 21. piano | 22. glitter slippers | 23. winter wonderland pjs | 24. silver sneakers

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