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October 6, 2016

We still need to figure out a name for baby Z #3. We started a running list and have been searching high and low for name inspo; through baby name books, Google searches and even movie credits. Please let me know if you have any extras floating around. Names are hard. So many things factor into the name decision. Things you wouldn’t expect when you open up the name book for the first time. Like if one of us dated a John or Brenda, that name’s out. If the first name rhymes or sounds odd with the last name, sorry Zeek Zorich isn’t going to cut it. Or if the initials spell out something not so pleasant or politically correct. I don’t think I need to list those examples, I’m sure you get my drift. We actually haven’t used a family name yet so I feel inclined to do so for what we think will be our last baby. With the first two babies I feel like the name just sounded like “the one.” So maybe we haven’t found ours yet. The clock is ticking…due date is in less than 4 weeks!

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