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Friday Five | Feel, Look & Be Good

August 5, 2016


The buzz in the blog world seems to be all about balance. Work and play. Drink your coffee and cocktails, but drink plenty of water, too. Spend time with those you love; spend quality time with yourself. So, I approach this week’s edition of the Friday Five with an attempt to provide you equal measures of advice on everything from beauty to fashion, food and fitness.

Looking forward to a fall full of casual football games and formal weddings. And I want this sale LBD for the latter. Check out all of L. Avenue’s Shopbop summer sale picks here.

The Olympics draw attention from around the world, sports lovers and non alike. See a stunning list of statistics.

Speaking of sports, tennis is my current game and fly fishing is up next after flipping through William’s photos from Alaska. When I read this (and saw these photos) from the Fresh Exchange on Monday, I was sold:

 I’ve always thought fly fishing was both beautiful in form and peaceful in method. On a great day you can bring home a fresh trout, on the worst days you bring nothing home but got to spend the day on a peaceful river. Not bad right?

I just ran out of tinted moisturizer and was so bummed I restocked before Lyndsey posted about Juice Beauty Products. I would have gotten this, but I think I’ll spring for this instead.

I loved this article’s real definition of health; hint: it’s “so not a sphere of kale and sweat.”

May you have a well-balanced weekend!

Molly Bridget of Bridget’s Own Diary 

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