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Friday Five | Let Freedom Ring

July 8, 2016

The Rhubarb Fizz at Neat packs the perfect punch to beat the summer heat with Prosecco and lemon.

I’m still recovering from my back-to-back vacations, first beachside with my family then lakeside with my boyfriend’s. Ready for the weekend, I won’t let summer slip by without enjoying all the fun and freedom it affords.

Rosé in hand isn’t a bad place to start (here’s 9 of the best), or a cocktail with rhubarb, which my sisters and I sipped at the perfectly curated bottle shop in quaint Alys Beach, NEAT.

As someone who can often dodge being direct, I liked hearing–from a guy’s perspective–that commitment can be viewed as just as much of a fulfilling adventure as traversing the globe or climbing the corporate ladder. Confidence and clarity will cause you to express this and convict the people you love to believe it.

Growing up with six older siblings, I get a peek of what’s ahead and right now, that’s parenthood. I basked in the freedom to go to and from the beach at my leisure and lounge poolside, good book in hand, with little interruption. I can’t wait to have kids, but witnessing what a labor of love it is reiterates what this blog reveals: it ain’t easy.

On that note, we’ve got another baby on the way to round the grandkid count to a neat dozen. With Lyndsey announcing her third, I thought this was a fun series of old-wives-tales of how to tell if a little brother or sister is soon to come. Poll: do you like to find out (and plan the nursery!) or wait until the birth for the ultimate surprise?

This was my billion dollar idea, now sitting amidst prime real estate in Times Square. With create-your-own bowls being a culinary craze, I’m sure tourists, foodies and cereal enthusiasts alike will flock to Kellogg’s to concoct their specialty bowls. I’ll have Life with dark chocolate chips, blueberries and cinnamon, please!

Happy weekend! Soak up the summer. And the sun!

-Molly Bridget of Bridget’s Own Diary


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