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I’ve got a secret…

June 14, 2016

I’ve been keeping some pretty big news about my life under wraps from the blog for a while now. Y’all have any guesses what it might be?! Why don’t I share a few clues you may or may not have picked up lately to help get you up to speed…

  1. Lots of flowy dresses have appeared on the blog over the past few months {here, here and here for starters}
  2. More food related posts have made their way to the blog and Instagram {here}
  3. Snapchats of ice cream instead of red wine {username: lavenueblog if you want to follow along!}
  4. My roots could really use some highlights
  5. You’ll see very few side shots and profile shots over the past few month
  6. I’ve been organizing like a mad-woman. I literally purged an entire closet last week.
  7. I’m extra tired, grumpy and emotional.
  8. I’m on the wagon. Hence a freezer full of ice cream and a wine fridge full of bottles that won’t be touched until fall.

I bet you’ve guessed by now. If not, a picture might just seal the deal.

Alice and Olivia Lyndsey Yellow Dress - 1

I’m having a BABY! Bret and I are beyond excited {and maybe just a little anxious} about bringing baby #3 into this world. It has been an extremely long first trimester and I’m finally starting to feel better. I won’t bore you guys with the details, but I will say I’m so happy to finally get to share the news with y’all, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from me on life with child.

More to come on all of that later….

Alice and Olivia Lyndsey Yellow Dress - 6

So in case you haven’t noticed, I’m wearing a floral crown today on L. Avenue. Yes, I made this headpiece just for this photo shoot. A bit much? Maybe so, but I just couldn’t help myself! When I found this dress at the new Alice + Olivia store in Houston’s River Oaks district I felt so incredibly 70’s boho. I loved how I felt wearing this pretty, feminine maxi dress. And I really do believe that clothes can bring out pieces of your personality. This dress makes me want to dance around in a field of mustard greens (or here perhaps). Or rock out to my favorite bands at an outdoor music festival. Or announce that I’m having a baby! Ha. Anyway, I’m loving it for summer and the bold yellow puts a smile on my face. Have y’all found your happy summer dress yet?

Maxi Dress Lyndsey Yellow Dress - 3
Maxi Dress Lyndsey Yellow Dress - 11
Lyndsey Yellow Dress - 10

outfit details | maxi dress, more sizes here | sandals | Cartier necklace | Hermes bracelet | engraved stacking bracelets c/o ESN Artisan Jewelry |

photos by Maritere Rice | makeup by Veronica Hurtado | Hair by Philippe Lucausi at Maison Luissant

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