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Getting organized + summer skirt

June 6, 2016

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Hey, hey! How was the weekend guys? I’m sorry I was blog-lite last week. It was the most insane 4 day week of all time. After an action-packed Memorial Day weekend, I got the organization itch and stated purging clothing at a Tasmanian devil pace. When I realized I had at least a closet full of items to consign/donate I decided to have a sale out of my house to see if my neighbors might want to peruse some of my things. I ended up with enough clothing racks full of clothes that Leighton asked if we were going to “play store” again tomorrow. Seriously though, one room dedicated to fall/winter and another for spring/summer plus loads of jewelry, bags and scarves. Most everything I purged applied to the 1 year rule. Say peace out to anything that hasn’t been worn in the past year. Let’s just say I’ve been hoarding things for a while now. Suits and heels from when I worked on the Presidential campaign in 2008! I mean, come on!!! Boot cut jeans from back in the day. Impulse purchases that were still hanging with tags because they didn’t fit right, or they were itchy or uncomfortable. And then there were all of the pieces from times when I was having a moment with neon accessories or capes or bedazzled tees.

Anyway, I’ve been all in for this big sale and after a quick meeting with my consignment friend Sarah, what was left went to consignment and Goodwill. I feel light as a feather. And if that wasn’t all insane enough, over the weekend I had my professional organizer friend Lindsey over 7 hours each day helping organize the rest of my life. We’re embarking on a long term project thanks to 4 years of my total disregard for keeping my home organized. It’s time to get zen folks and thanks to Lindsey we’re off to a great start. I’m journaling the entire process and will have lots of great tips to share with y’all over the next few months.

In other news, today’s outfit is one that will remain in my closet for a while. The white midi skirt is easy to throw on with a tee or button down. I love its lady-like length and the texture is pretty rad too. A girl can never have too many printed button downs and the design and bold, fun summer color combo on this J. Crew gem is hard to beat. And over in the staple worthy sandal department, my white summer wedges seem to go with everything. You’ll be seeing these gems again and again in upcoming outfit posts.

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View More Midi Skirt: View More Midi Skirt:

View More Printed Button Down: More Midi Skirt:
View More Midi Skirt:

outfit details | button down, also love this classic print | midi skirt also love it in red (would pair a white linen tee or this unexpected color combo top) | wedge sandals | handbag 30% off with code GETSHOPPING | knot bracelet | bangle | personalized stacking bracelets c/o ESN Artisan Jewelry | earrings

photos by Traci Ling

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