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Friday Five | Sense Appeal

June 3, 2016

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When Lyndsey asked me to commit to the Friday Five, I found myself thinking through these posts much like I did my first blog series — Sense Appeal. The series spawned simply from how most of my blog posts came to fruition — being in tune with my senses, the world around me and wanting to write about it.

I had one of those moments last night: the sky’s coloring was so mesmerizing after a week’s worth of storms. This brought my best friend to mind, someone who continually finds the beauty God puts above, right underneath and all around us. So, without further ado, for today’s Friday Five, I present to you, Sense Appeal for L. Avenue:

for the eyes :: 100 pictures that will change the way you see the earth.

for the mind :: Lyndsey’s parenting epiphany prompted me to share this. Parent or not, it’s important to think about your endgame–the bigger picture, if you will.

for the ears :: I’m music festival bound this weekend, and it made me think how I’ve slacked in researching new songs lately and let Spotify do the work for me.  There, I found this song from the help of a friend who put together a great summer playlist (that’s grown to be quite popular). Search: ‘upbeat indie summer jams’.

Plus, these podcasts. Blogger bestie Ann Fran says I inspired her to tune into these on our meet-halfway getaway, so now she’s inspired me to tackle her list, too.

fashion for feel :: My sister-in-law Kirby rocked a chic, black one-piece at our Memorial Day pool outing, and I’m set on having my own for our family trip to Seaside later this month.

I like this patterned guy and this simple, strapless striped guy.

for taste ::
A goal for the summer is to try restaurants at their non-peak hour. Common Bond for lunch in lieu of breakfast. Or like here, when William and I met for a Local Foods dinner. Their plated chicken dinner is to-die-for, but be sure to swing back by in the morning for the cold brew honey iced coffee ’cause it’s to-live-for.

Here’s to awakening your senses this weekend to explore and appreciate all this is around you.

-Molly Bridget of Bridget’s Own Diary

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