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parenting epiphany + sleeveless blazer outfit ideas

June 1, 2016

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How was your holiday weekend guys? We were beyond excited to sneak out of city to road trip down to the Texas coast with two other families, both with kids our kids’ age. We teed up the perfect weekend filled with pool time, boating, grilling and straight up chilling. Chilling in theory, but never in reality. I mean, we had 7 kids under age 5 under 1 roof, so it was pretty chaotic at times. The chaos is entertaining though and aside from a few fights over the Elsa doll and sleepless nights in a bunk room, the trip was top notch.

We travel quite often with other families because it’s so much fun for both the kiddos and us parents too. And most times we make a point to carve out time where the hubbies get to play golf and wives get to shop or lunch or spa. That time is always on the docket because hey, we’re humans and it’s nice to have a little break from said organized kid chaos. This probably sounds selfish but I have to admit, I’m big about carving out some “me time” when I can but on our trip I had an epiphany that changed my tune a little bit. This realization came to be thanks to what our friends appropriately deemed a comedy of errors early on into the trip. It turned out that both the Mom-only and Dad-only time was cut short, literally 30 minutes into golf and a Mama lunch on the water plans were derailed.

My outing with the girls came to an abrupt halt when I got a text from Bret saying “call me ASAP.” 20 minutes later I’m sitting in the ER with my sweet Charlotte who had had an allergic reaction to something in a granola bar. After a good dose of Benadryl and a nap she was back to her normal two year old ways, thank God. Then, the next morning the guys hit the golf course only to get annihilated by swarming mosquitos and had to call it quits 1 hole in. We all laughed and shook our heads in disbelief that none of adult-only time worked out as planned.

But post ER/mosquito infestation, our three families had one of the best days ever. All together, all poolside. Tossing kids back and forth in the water has never been so much fun. And I wondered why I made such a fuss about getting my girl time because our day was so darn memorable and straight up awesome. I mentioned my realization at dinner that night and the entire group agreed how the epic pool day totally made up for missing out on a little dose of adult time. I think sometimes as a full time Mom who also has a pretty time consuming job, I feel like I need to push hard to find the occasional me time. But when that time doesn’t work out or doesn’t come easily, that day’s back up plans aren’t too bad either.

If I haven’t bored y’all to tears on this little parenting epiphany, let’s get down to some very necessary outfit business. Since I rambled on earlier, let me keep this short and to the point. A sleeveless blazer is my lighter weight summertime replacement for your typical sleeved blazer. It’s an awesome layering piece and just looks so put together. I like a v-neck tee, camisole, sleeveless collared button down or a long sleeve button down underneath mine. And flares are still floating my boat. Add in a bold blue pop of color and you’re ready for action.

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photos by Traci Ling

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