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Friday Five | Live and Learn

May 27, 2016



Lyndsey graciously extended an invitation to me for the Alice + Olivia opening earlier this week. I made sure to stop by to support her and see the stunning space that would make for perfect grounds to practice my photography skills. Having spent three sessions learning the ins and outs, I’ve learned a lot about lighting, aperture, shutter speed and the like. I’ve also learned about learning in that No amount of practice will produce the perfect picture, per se. Practicing will produce more passion, though. So keep on keepin’ on and join me in celebrating learning a thing or two this weekend and all summer long…

MOVE :: Next on my list is tennis. I’ve come across so many people in my life who have played the sport well into their adulthood and would love to be able to do the same. There are public courts down the road from my boyfriend’s house, and we plan to hit them up this summer and leisurely learn the sport since apparently…Learning a new sport is really good for our brains. 

SHOP :: Lyndsey lured me into the best Memorial Day sales (check them out!), and I learned I need this for UT football season. 

EAT :: I switched my subject matter from fashion to food and got more photo practice in at this exhibition downtown I was completely struck by the young talent. For those of you that only have an iPhone in hand and a plate to present, Here’s how to make your food a feast for your Instagram (or Snapchat!) audience eyes. 

CELEBRATE :: My brother got engaged last month to someone I’m so thrilled to soon call sister. In other wedding news, my best friend got engaged–and completely surprised!–last weekend. Pure bliss for my bro and bestie, but, Weddings are a full-time job. When I feel like life is a whirlwind, I’m quickly reminded that planning a wedding is a full-time job that while plenty of fun can be trying at times, too. Besides cutting down the list and choosing a church, here’s one hard part about planning a wedding I never thought about until now.

FLOW :: Speaking of whirlwinds, work makes all weeks feel like one. That whirlwind can feel like one that’s spinning out of control or in your control, depending on how you look at it. The pleasure of work “lies partly in the flow, in the process of losing oneself in a puzzle with a solution on which other people depend.” 

This quote is courtesy of Coco + Kelley – blogger of the week.

I lost myself in writing this piece, and it’s you people who I hope depend on it for a fresh perspective. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or tucked in your bed, here’s to living and luring during a leisurely long weekend ahead!

-Molly Bridget of Bridget’s Own Diary


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