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Friday 5 | I feel home.

May 20, 2016
Friday 5

Zanesville, USA. Photo credit, my Dad.

Hey guys–I’m excited to bring you the Friday 5 today. This 5 will do no justice to what you’ve been getting from the uber-talented Molly, but here goes nothing.

The girls and I hopped on the big bird yesterday to spend some time with family in my home state. Our first Ohio stop was at Jenni’s and it did not disappoint. I buy Jenni’s at Whole Foods in Houston and LOVE it. But it tastes even better to me when I’m back home. Brambleberry crisp, yes please!

I cannot stop listening to this album. It’s been a while since I’ve found an album that I enjoy every song from start to finish and this is it. Even the girls love it. We sing O-O-PHELIA at least twice on the way to school everyday. I want them to get a head start on becoming air guitar experts. The air piano is pretty rad too while driving. I actually stalked the Lumineers tour and cannot figure out how I can work one of their shows into the summer schedule. Anybody want to meet me at Red Rocks in Colorado in June?!

Blogs we love….I’ve been following The Stripe for a really long time. Grace Atwood’s style is classic and feminine and fun and she just seems like the sweetest, greatest girl. Someone I would totally vibe with in person. She recently wrote a travel guide on Charleston and it inspired me to find any and all excuses to travel there this summer!

Did you see my summer trend post? I’m working on something for next week that breaks down some great wardrobe swaps {i.e. swap your gladiator sandals for minimalist slides} The inspiration for my post came from this Refinery 29 article.

And just one last and final question/snack for thought. What are the things you love the most about your hometown? This trip I’m loving how gorgeous southern Ohio is during the springtime. Everything in bloom and greenest greens I’ve ever seen. Speaking of green, I love the grass here. My Dad says it’s Kentucky bluegrass. While I’m no grass expert it’s the kind of grass you want to run around barefoot in. Which is pretty much our plan for the weekend. Oh and I like the smell of freshly cut grass and how serious people take mowing the grass and keeping it looking tip top. My Dad’s grass is the best on the block. I swear I’m not biased.

That’s all for me, guys. Have an awesome weekend!!!

p.s. a shout out to Team Z if you’re reading this post, I know you appreciate its title. ­čÖé

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