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May 13, 2016
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a sneak photo peek at our Memorial Day entertaining post!

a sneak photo peek at our Memorial Day entertaining post!

The first order of business here at L. Avenue is, of course, fashion; but, when Lyndsey and I first met, we mutually agreed we wanted to tap into lifestyle content somewhere along the way.

So, today’s links offer a teaser of what’s soon to come with the five covering a wealth of topics, starting with what’s on everyone’s mind come Friday at five o’clock…

food, beverage & entertaining ::
I’m addicted to the Cúrate LaCroix flavors and have every intention of incorporating them into my poolside cocktails this summer. Inspiration starts here.

beauty ::
My newest beauty product obsession? This face wash. The price tag is worth how it properly treats your pores compared to any drug store alternative.

And post-wash or work-out, I use this. I was gifted it for Christmas and discovered what Into The Gloss did: it’s the perfect post-cleanser to balance out the pH levels of your skin. And pretty packaging. And from Paris. Sold!

health & wellness ::
All hail, Ali Miller, a Houstonian passionate for helping people discover how food can act as a more powerful agent in curing illness than the pills we’re often prescribed.

Read her blog (or book, Naturally Nourished) to see more about her practice.

relationships & career ::
In my last job interview, I was asked what my biggest strengths and weaknesses were. My answer to this question happens to be the same: thoughtfulness. See how exploring your failures can help you find success.

& finally, fashion :: {featuring favorite blogs from our editor, LZ}

“When my best friend told me to start a blog, I asked what is a blog? Sadly, that was only 4 years ago. Late to the party, indeed. The first three blogs she told me to follow remain 3 of my favorites today; A Cup of JoOh Joy and Love Taza. Last fashion week I had a major nerd alert moment when I totally geeked out meeting Taza of the one and only Love Taza. She’s even more lovely in person than in her photos, if that’s even humanly possible.”

Stay tuned for more lifestyle content coming this summer! That’s all for now–have a great weekend!

-Molly of Bridget’s Own Diary

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