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Mother’s Day.

May 7, 2016

Mother’s Day will always be bittersweet for me. I was on a group text when a friend asked for ideas for what to buy for her Mom and it just stings a little since my Mom isn’t with me any longer. I miss her more every day and the most on holidays, especially Mother’s Day. On the other hand I realize how incredibly blessed I am to have two beautiful daughters to spend the day with. And a really wonderful mother-in-law, who I’m also very thankful for. And a grandmother who will always feel just like another Mom to me. I’m a lucky lady, indeed.
I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a while. Bret and I are heading out for a 24 hour getaway to just breathe and be together after an insanely busy spring. And then we’re back in time for Mother’s Day festivities with our family. I hope wherever you are you’re spending the day with the people that you love the most. And if you can’t be together, I hope you take a moment to spend time with them in your heart. I will certainly carve out time to do that with my Mom on Sunday.
I actually just came across a quote by Robert Browning and it brought me back to a conversation I had with her that I’ll never forget. “Motherhood: all love begins and ends there.” She told me that at the end of the day what she cared about the most was being my Mom. It was her single greatest accomplishment in her life. I haven’t lived as many years as her yet but can already say with confidence that my girls are the greatest accomplishment of my life too. Happy mother’s day to all of you special mothers out there.
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photos by Ailee Petrovic of Snapshots & My Thoughts

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