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Friday Five | enlightening entertainment

May 6, 2016
Friday Five

Blogging puts me in reflective mode. All the change that’s been sprung on me this spring has set this mode on overdrive, so I’m using this space as an outlet to share some reads that mirror my reflections.

I hope you find them equally as entertaining and enlightening as I did. Enjoy!

These 31 things are more important than anything you learned in school. Number 17 goes nicely with

my newest post, where I revealed ten small steps I’ve taken lately that have led me toward larger leaps in life.

I miss my best friend as she makes her big girl debut in D.C., but I found solace in the fact that this sentiment is shared by many.

Forbes helps you find your passion by process of elimination.

And the blogger for this week goes to my source for Monday inspiration, The Fresh Exchange. Her words always seem to match what’s on my mind.

I hope some of mine have succeeded to do the same for you this Friday morning. Finally, to all the moms, enjoy the big love you deserve all year on the day dedicated to you.

-Molly Bridget of Bridget’s Own Diary

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