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Friday 5

April 22, 2016



I’m like Lyndsey in a lot of ways – one being my inability to sit still. Rarely will you find my eyes glazed in front of a television set. But, it’s funny: she and I both agree blogging remains the exception to this rule as we enter what some call a state of “flow” when blogging.

So, I feel fortunate she’s invited me on to contribute the Friday Five, and for this week’s edition, I offer things you can immerse yourself in this weekend.

A simple tale of motherhood as their celebrated day nears.

To a favorite podcast – here’s mine. Episode 18 will make you re-think multi-tasking and shed light on symptoms of shiny object syndrome.

A documentary – dying to see Until 20, highlighting the spirit of a boy from Corpus Christi who courageously fought cancer by “living every day to the fullest” and founding the Triumph Over Kid Cancer Foundation.

Do like the kiddos do, and take a nap.

Something! There’s 31 ideas to get you started.

Do yourself a favor and distract yourself from all the noise that comes between Monday and Friday. Whichever way you choose, may sure you choose to immerse yourself in it. Wishing you well this weekend!

–Molly Bridget of Bridget’s Own Diary blog

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