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GET ONE BEFORE IT’S GONE | Mansur Gavriel bucket bag

February 21, 2016


Hey guys, it’s Sunday and in an attempt to take a day of rest to recharge the battery I’ll keep this post short, sweet and to the point. So many of my readers have asked where to find my navy Mansur Gavriel mini-bucket bag that I’ve blogged non-stop and the mini’s are finally available for pre-order. My one and only stop for some speed shopping during fashion week was Barneys and the pink mini bucket bag had just arrived. What can I say, some people collect stamps, I collect handbags. Anyway, the Mansur mini bucket bag is cute as a shoulder bag or crossbody and is just big enough to fit everything I need. {diapers, snacks, my wallet, lip gloss, boogie wipes (ha!) and a few other odds and ends}.

Pre-order yours here before they’re sold out for another year. Pre-orders expected to arrive in March.

Mansur Gavriel mini buck bag in pink, black, canvas & navy {only large bucket and mini-mini in this color}


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