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designer crush: self-portrait

October 6, 2015

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There’s a new line on the block and it’s got the right stuff to be hangin tough in the fashion world for years to come. Anybody get my NKOTB reference back there? I can’t help myself. When I first saw Self-Portriat on the runways I assumed it would be just another couture line to lust over but never actually get to wear. It screamed red carpet to me. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the price tag was actually approachable for non-celebs and non-millionaires, you know normal people like you and me.
I would still put these gorgeous dresses and jumpsuits into my special occasion splurge category. New York fashion week was a good enough reason to justify adding Self-Portriat to my wardrobe, right!? Of all of the outfits I wore during fashion week, I felt the best in this little red number. It’s sexy but not overly sexy, sophisticated but not boring, trendy but not trying too hard, and just so incredibly chic. A note of caution about this line, I ended up ordering 2 sizes up (typically I’m a 2 or 4 and I was an 6 in this dress), and it also required a little spanks action. But hey, this dress is worth sucking it in and then some.
Oh the places I would wear Self-Portrait…..this dress perfect for a fall wedding, this jumpsuit is and edgy but classic dress alternative for a cocktail party, and this should be your new LBD, this mini dress with tights and flats or booties for a baby shower or brunch, and both this red winner is perfect for holiday parties that are right around the corner.
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outfit details | dress also comes in purple here | bag | sandals | sunglasses

photos by Traci Ling

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