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August 3, 2015

I had an epiphany this weekend that I’m pretty sure could impact the overall happiness of my marriage.

Yep, something so obvious that has taken me 3.5 years in the parent club to figure out. I’ve heard from lots of long time, successfully married friends and family that it’s super important to make time for date nights. B and I have been pretty good about spending QT together, but sometimes a weekly or bi-montly date night can feel like too much work (planning, scheduling a sitter, etc) Just typing this sounds bad, so please let me explain. Some days finding a spare minute to shower (gasp!) and actually get ready for the date with two kids wanting all of your attention is virtually impossible. Oftentimes on date night I’d find myself leaving the house stressed, thus getting the date off to a bad start even before it began. This past Saturday, I got wires crossed and scheduled the babysitter to come earlier than our ETD. Dinner wasn’t for 2 hours but she was already on her way to the house so when she arrived, the hubs and I escaped to our room to get ready for the date…..SANS KIDS. And it was really fun! We rocked out to music, hung out and took our sweet time getting ready without having to juggle kid responsibilities, “You get them in PJ’s, I’ll give them a snack, etc.” It was sheer bliss and the rest of the night was one of my favorite dates in a long time. I honestly think it was because of our chill pre-date getting ready time. I’m not saying we’ll be able to do dates like this on the reg, but every now and again it’s a pretty nice treat.

Tell me, do you do date night with your significant other? What do you think makes for a great date night?

For your style news….I was so pumped about my date night shoes I couldn’t resist the urge to Instagram a photo. By the way, are we pals on Insta? You can connect with me here. Anyway, I’ve received lots of compliments on these blue lace-up sandals so wanted to share the shopping details with you guys. The heel is not overwhelmingly high and they are one of the more comfortable heels I’ve worn in a while. Not to mention the lace-up ankle detail is super flattering for the stems. I’ll be planning lots of outfits with these gems in mind.

outfit details | sandal ($129), more sizes here, also love this fringy blue suede flat and this fringed heel, clutch bag $39!

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