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A jumpsuit with flare.

May 1, 2015

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Happy Friday guys! I’ve got to tell you, I’m in major jumpsuit mode over here. On occasions (lots these days!) when I have zero time to think about putting together an outfit I opt for a dress. It’s just easier to throw on one piece and be out the door. Even though I “style” on the reg, I still spend time trying on this top with that pants and this belt with this scarf, yada yada yada. And with a dress, or lately my go-to jumpsuit, there’s no piles of clothes on my bed from failed attempts to get it right. Ha. For me, a jumpsuit is the new dress! Which is also waaay more practical for any kid-related activity.

In case the first jumpsuit I posted wasn’t your style, today’s outfit is a totally different look. This all black gem is without a doubt more comfy than my pajamas, the material is soft enough to sleep in. The fit is incredibly flattering and flared pant on trend . Let me also note that flares give the gift of a few extra inches of legs. Speaking of trends, some of you may be thinking I need to find a tailor for my jumpsuit, but I’m seeing flares worn where they’re actually touching the ground. I  added a statement necklace to this outfit to wear for a fun night out and let’s not forget my newest addition to the accessory collection, an art deco printed clutch that I essentially stole from Target. It comes in a black and white checker print too. These little gems are the perfect accessory update for under $20 each.
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outfit details | jumpsuit, c/o Design History, available online in June, also love this black jumpsuit available now | necklace, also love this coral statement necklace | clutch *$16! | sunglasses, also love this steal version | hat


photos by Traci Ling


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