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Happiness Project|aim higher

April 23, 2015

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5 ways to aim higher
launch a blog
enjoy the fun of failure
ask for help
work smart
enjoy now

Um, where did March go? And is April really almost over too? Yikes! I actually wrote a draft for March’s happiness project post shortly after reading the chapter and it mysteriously disappeared onto the island of misfit blog posts. Better late than never?!

The common theme of the 5 happiness mantras for March is growth. Yeah, I realize I’m never going to be 5’8″ even though that’s what I tell doctors and the DMV. That ship has sailed. It’s the other kind of growth that needs my attention, so today we’re talking personal growth. I’m almost glad this post came to y’all a little tardy, because it’s given me even more time to reflect on the relationship between personal growth and overall happiness. And I can honestly say it’s clear to me that I’m happier when I’m growing. Putting yourself out there in life can be intimidating. What if I fail? Fear of failure can be paralyzing. But the actual process of putting energy into aiming higher, whether we succeed or fail ultimately makes us happier because we’re challenging ourselves and pushing the boundaries in life. Adrenaline rushes, excitement, and overcoming the fear of failing is liberating in a sense. For example, I finally overcame my fear of hearing the word “no” and pitched a publication to feature my blog. I put together what I thought to be a compelling email with some photos attached and It felt so great when I finally got the nerve to hit the send button. And guess what? I got a big bold NO. I was crushed when my proposal was rejected. But after a little boo-hooing to the hubs, I was ready to come up with my next pitch. Looking back, I now realize that it actually made me much happier putting myself out there as opposed to agonizing about wanting to take action and then feeling like an inadequate loser for not following through. “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing badly.” Right?! It really is about the journey. Which leads me to another integral happiness mantra, enjoy now. Need I say more?

photo by Traci Ling

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