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Before I die.

March 11, 2015

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One of the things I love most about H-town, is her (in my mind, my city is a she, hehe!) unique character. She may not be known as the most beautiful city in America, in fact she gets a pretty bad rap in the looks department. But the more time I spend exploring my town, the more I fall in love with her. Kind of like someone you’re dating who has a killer personality, kind heart and as a result, the looks build from good looking to drop dead gorgeous. That’s my relationship with H-town. She’s a keeper. Annnnyway, I came across this super cool graffiti wall in a hipster part of town the other day and haven’t stopped thinking about the big bold question it asks. Before I die I want to _____.

So B and I got to talking about it the other night. It was late in the evening after the typical LONG day, so we both agreed we had little capacity for deep thoughts. But after a few seconds of silence, we both came up with the same thing…we want to see our daughter’s get married. I pray all the time for L.E. and C’s husbands, wherever they are. Jokingly, plenty of my boy mom friends probably think I’m praying for their sons, since nothing sounds more fun than an arranged marriage with my best friends taking the role of mother-in-law to my girls. Poor kids! Ha.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned through losing someone close to me, it’s that we cannot take our time here for granted. I think it’s good to think about our bucket lists every now and again and to make sure we’re working towards our goals for this life. Not that marrying off your daughter is really a goal. But raising a daughter who is strong, independent, loving, kind and confident enough to choose a solid mate is certainly something to work towards every single day. No pressure, right?

What would you write on the wall to fill-in-the-blank???
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photos by Traci Ling

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