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Happiness Project, month 1 toss, restore, organize

February 4, 2015



5 ways to boost our energy

Go to sleep earlier
Exercise better
Toss, restore, organize
Tackle a nagging task
Act more energetic

// Toss, restore, organize //

This energy booster is the scariest for me. 


If Bret had a quarter, no, a penny, every time he heard me say, “I’m just trying to get organized,” we would be retired on our own private island somewhere. My house typically appears to be in order, but it’s utter clutter chaos behind closed closet doors and inside drawers. I know I’m weighed down by visible (said drawers) and invisible (neglected tasks) clutter. My goal this month is to conquer a few of the areas where clutter runs rampant: my closet (eeek!), the kid’s playroom, my office (omg), and the junk drawer(s). These areas are always on my “get organized” list, but I never give any of them more than a few minutes here or there. Most of the time, it’s 5 minutes of franticly throwing everything on the kitchen island into the pantry and closing the door or tossing seven pair of shoes from the living room into my closet , etc. Basically moving chaos from one hiding spot to another.

I’m giving “toss, restore, organize” a fair shot this week. I’m blocking off 3 hours on Friday with my, Amee, my dear friend and closet organizing guru and some QT on Sunday to knock out the rest of the problem areas. Moving forward, I have some new ideas for keeping clutter in check. First, I’m installing large coat hooks on the wall of my mudroom. Coats and handbags always end up on the kitchen island or draped over chairs, the couch whatever, so making a home for all of this in a logical place is a start. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m just not going to sacrifice playing outside with kids, checking emails, drinking wine (ha!), etc., to instead follow the kids around picking up after them all day. So, I bought 3 medium sized baskets that fit on my pantry shelf, one for each child’s room and one for our bedroom. Throughout the day I’ll throw things that end up in the wrong spot in the basket and then at the end of the day, I’ll put each baskets contents away at the same time. That way it doesn’t feel like I’m constantly picking up, which is also exhausting thus an energy suck. I’ve got one set time to knock it out efficiently (right before the hubs arrives). Bam. He’ll think the Fairy Godmother of organizing finally found our house!

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