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Bring sexy back

December 1, 2014

Are you into surprises? Most people tend to high five the idea of being surprised. But a few of my closest peeps actually get anxious over the thought of being caught off guard. Not this girl. I LOVE surprises. I live for the unexpected and exciting. Well, except when it comes to finding out the gender of babies. That info is on a need to know basis. I digress. Last week, the hubs told me he was taking me on a surprise date. I liked the sound of this already. He said to be prepared for dancing and that at least one person would be wearing a tux. Sign me up for a. Dancing with the Stars comes to Houston (hmm..) b. a magic show with fire dancers (?) c. ballroom dancing lessons (eek!) Can you guess where we are going tonight? Better than my imagination could serve me. We are going to see the one, the only, JT!! I’m channeling my inner JT for tonight’s getup. My version of a tux includes a white cape jacket + leather crop top and some rockin’ pumps!
Lyndsey5 Lyndsey3 Lyndsey2
outfit details: leather crop top, *40% off here / blouse (Shopbop sale!) / cape jacket also worn here / pants (Shopbop sale!), also love this leather legging / clutch, last seen here, similar also love thisearrings *on sale / pumps also love these and these are a steal

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