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Mom Love Monday: 12 months with Charlie Bear.

October 20, 2014

My littlest love bug, C, turned a year old last Friday. She’s been such a blessing in our lives this past year and I love her more with every single day that passes. I started a tradition with LE to write to her on her birthday each year (for the baby book that I need to start! Ha) and wanted to share my letter to C with y’all. Just a little glimpse into motherhood. If you’re already a mom I’m sure you can relate and if you aren’t yet in the mama club, this letter might just give you baby fever. (note: I omitted mentions of diaper blow outs, sleepless nights and colic fests). That’s because at the end of the day the sweet beats the sour by a landslide. I really love being a Mom.


Dear Charlotte,

I’m not sure where to even begin this letter to you. My sweet baby girl, there’s so much that I want to say to you. First things first, I want you to know that my hearts just bursts with love for you! God gave us an angel in you from the very start. The bond between a mother and child is something so strong, and so special. And babies need their Mamas for everything in the beginning. I didn’t realize how much I would need you too. You were such a source of happiness for me and our entire family during a really hard time when we lost your wonderful grandmother. Thankfully, you got to meet her and I know she’s smiling down on you on this special first birthday.

Want to hear a little bit more about your first year in this world? Let’s start with the awards you’ve received so far. The “World’s Most Cuddly Baby” medal goes to you, that’s for sure! Most likely attributed to the fact that you were held by me, your Dad or your great grandma Blaney non-stop for the first 3 months in this world. You were also recognized with honorable mention for the “Quietest in the Car” award. Although sometimes your silence actually stressed us out for fear that we forgot you at home! You quickly earned the nickname “Charlie Bear,” and once you figured out how to smile, you haven’t stopped. We know when we peek into your crib in the morning we’re pretty much guaranteed a big good morning grin. The smiles are infectious and last pretty much all day too. Unless you’re hungry or your big sister takes a toy from you. 😉 That being said, you love to be anywhere your sister is and are so entertained by her. You’re definitely a foodie baby, and quickly passed up pureed peas for what the rest of us were eating. Spaghetti being your favorite, pizza crust a close second. “Pizza crust under the couch!” (inside family joke) You eat veggies and chicken nuggets and pretty much anything we put in front of you. Even pad thai! With the exception of avocados—not a fan. You are a huge fan of dogs and hate the sound of the blender or any loud household appliance. But for the most part, I’d describe you as a pretty laid back, happy-go-lucky baby.

I love to watch your reactions to anything and everything. You love to have your photo taken, especially selfies with your sister and me. And your dance skills are pretty impressive for a pre-walker. You do this little spin dance where you spin on your bottom in a circle while throwing your hands up in the air. It’s hilarious to watch. Speaking of songs, you’ve always loved an evening serenade. I’m going to soak up this special time with just us because before I know it you’ll realize how terrible my voice is. Here’s what’s on the set list so far; My Girl (your fave), You are My Sunshine, the Barney theme song and then if you are still cooing away, I’ll throw in some of my Kappa sorority songs.

As a newly appointed one-year-old your tricks include clapping, waving and spin dancing. You’re also an excellent climber and you can say Mama, Dada and hi so far.

Charlie Bear, all I can quote is Elton John when I think of you. “How wonderful life is while you’re in the world.”

Happy first birthday!




Photo by Candid Chic

Top photo by Chubby Cheek Photography



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