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Mom love Monday:
Halloween costumes

September 29, 2014

If you met me for just five minutes you’d probably hear about my costume closet at some point during our convo. That’s right, one closet dedicated entirely to costumes. Which is serious considering the closet availability in my house. I’ve collected cheerleader, Tinker Bell, Star Wars, Village People, farm animals, zoo animals, Katy Perry, Alice in Wonderland, the Wizard of Oz, Michael Jackson, the list goes on…..What can I say, I’m a huge fan of Halloween. I start thinking about costumes sometime shortly after the forth of July. Don’t judge. How can I not love this super fun holiday when my birthday is just 3 days before?! I’ve been having costume parties on the reg since I was 5. And since my little pumpkin is turning 1 in October the trend will continue. Yaay for the one day of the year where all candy is calorie free and acting as silly and childish as we want is totally acceptable. Ahh, I love it.

Now that I have babies I put way more thought into their costumes than my own. I typically lean towards more creative ideas, like sushi! With an opinionated two-year-old I knew I wasn’t going to get away with anything but the one and only Queen Elsa from Frozen. So naturally, her kid sister gets to be Olaf. I’m sure 20 years from now C will remind me how unfair it was that she got stuck being a snowman while her sister donned a beautiful princess getup. Hehe. Anyway, I made the mistake of showing LE the Olaf costume when it arrived from Amazon. She was very concerned that Elsa was missing from the shipment and I told her that Elsa’s costume took much longer to make than a snow suit. I’m keeping Elsa locked in the costume closet until October 31 only because my friends have warned me about showing a toddler their costume before Halloween. From the stories I’ve heard it tends to go in two polar opposite directions; they either love it so much they sleep in it for a month leading up to trick-or-treat night OR they hate it so much they cry every time the see it and demand a new costume. Neither scenario sounds awesome. I’m pretty sure LE will love her costume, but she’s going to have to wait this one out.

Here are some of my favorite costumes this year…

Halloween_costumes_2014costumes: superhero / witty kitty + black cat / werewolf / astronaut / Elsa + Olaf

P.S. There are some really outside the box costume finds on Etsy. This shop has amazing wigs and I love this shop for food related costumes. Sushi anyone?!

P.P.S costume ideas for the whole fam…





Halloween costumes">

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