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Fall resolutions.

September 22, 2014

So long summer…


Summer was awesome, but I’m not that sad to say farewell.  It’s equally awesome to welcome the new wave of energy that is fall. Well summer part 2 if you live in Texas. Lately, I feel like every other conversation I’ve had with friends revolves around post summer/back-to-school resolutions. You know, less crazy travel schedules, getting back into a routine, waking up earlier, working out more, etc. etc. I have all of these resolutions and then some. I honestly think we should all pick up our new year’s resolutions again in September with the beginning of a new season. I mean, I have a much better chance of sticking to mine when it’s not boring January and all I want to do is wear sweat pants and sit in front of the fire with hot cocoa. I can’t think of a better time to get into a new groove. Or launch a new blog?! Hehe.

I’m pretty pumped to launch L. Avenue. It’s going to be an exciting fall for the blog. I’m planning some fun fall fashion posts, an interview with a fabulous ready-to-wear designer, a travel review from one of my favorite places in the world and much more. So tell me, what are your new season resolutions?

Here are a few of mine…

  • start and finish this book before the movie comes out–Yep, I’m officially the last chick on Earth who hasn’t read it
  • blog 3 days a week
  • wake up in a better mood aka wake up before the kids with a cup of jo in hand to start the day caffeinated
  • start a workout regimen—I’m thinking Define class, the more social the better my chance of actually going more than once a year
  • attempt to cook meals that my kids and husband will enjoy aka less time in the kitchen preparing two meals per evening

That’s it. Easy peasy, right? We’ll see where I end up in a month.


image via my absolute fave Insta photog

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